To begin again


I have been toying with writing this post for a while now. “What exactly do I write? How do I put my thoughts to perspective and move on from there to putting them down? What style do I use to pass my message across? What message do I want to pass across? These and more have kept me from writing because frankly, I have no answer to some of these questions. I guess being a perfectionist comes with some problems.

The understanding that I am not perfect has pushed me into put something down and from here, I hope to continue to write something that will truly inspire people out there not to give up. Something that will help people out there find the courage to triumph against all odds. The courage to pick up the pieces of their lives and become someone remarkable and extraordinary.

It is my hope that everyone reading this post will find some answers they are looking for and reach beyond the sky to unlock their potential.

Follow me as I muddle through the pains, loneliness, battery, abuse, losses of life and the ultimate triumphs.

Like I said, may we all find answers we seek.