Goodbye to yesterday’s achievements


“What you’re missing is that the path itself changes you.”
― Julien Smith, The Flinch

There’s something about our achievements. They made us feel alive. Happy and on top of the world. But the thing is, if care is not taken, we focus on yesterday’s accomplishments so much that we forget the future. As unnatural as this sounds, a lot if times, we do it. We settle down into this “I’ve arrived mode.” Sometimes worse is the erroneous belief that because these skills sets worked with accomplish goal A in the past, it definitely has to work for this current project we’re working on. It is not always the case.

Achievements are good. They make us feel alive. They test our preserverance. They test our wills. They test us in ways imaginable and when we excell, when we go through the process, we come out smiling, knowing that the results were well deserved. But they can also ensnare us. They can get us all puffed up, sometimes even arrogant. And that is when we come to have some big problems.

Letting go is quite healthy for us sometimes. It helps us because better people. When we sit back and take stock of what is really important, when we stand on the mountain top and gaze at the horizon and we come back to paint the big picture, we realize that yesterday’s accomplishment are only a fragment of the whole picture, a fragment of our whole universe.

I guess what I am trying to say is: while it is ok to give ourselves pats on the back, we must realize that you’ve got a long way to go. And that the destination isn’t always as important as the journey.

JUST…hold on


The other day I got a really big surprise. Someone I know has been trusting God for contacts. She had prayed, hoped and had done everything physically possible to get those contacts but everything just won’t gel. At her wits end, you threw up her hand and say, “God, have it your way.”

Two days later or thereabouts, what she’d been searching the world for came knocking on her door. Today, she’s an extremely happy woman.

What am I trying to say? After you’ve done all that you can, just…hold still and hold on. That miracle is on its way.

World Population Day Blogging Competition


Glimmer of Hope Foundation


The Glimmer of Hope Foundation is celebrating this year’s world population day (July11th, 2013) with a blogging competition. The competition is centred around the theme of this year’s population day – Ending teenage pregnancies.

Objective of blogging Competition.
1. To initiate discussion and suggest recommendation from young people about Sexual and Reproductive Health  issues within their community
2. To inspire leadership skills through creative writing among young people in secondary schools
3. To support innovative ideas through creative writing among young people

To enter the competition:download (6)
You must have a blog. If you do not have one, create one from any of the free blog providers such as,, etc.

Develop an inspiring post on your blog on this year’s theme, “Teenage Pregnancy in Nigeria”. The story must be non-fiction, and can contain a combination of pictures and or video. If you intend to submit a picture blog, note that strictly picture…

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How to Avoid Being a Doormat in Life



doormatA couple of things you need to know before we begin this post: YOU are special. You were made in the image of a God who loves you. There is nothing you have done, nothing you are doing and nothing you will do that He can’t and won’t forgive.

YOU are that special! He loves you that much! While you may desire more love than He gives, His love is all that you really NEED.

God’s love for you is unquestioned, the real question is whether or not you love yourself enough to avoid being a doormat.

Just so we’re clear; don’t mistake being in love with yourself for loving yourself. There are few things in life more destructive than being in love with yourself and even fewer things more healthy than loving yourself. When you’re “in” love with yourself it becomes very difficult to love someone else. When you…

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Is iOS7 really taking us back to the future?


I found this very interesting and I thought you should see it too.


As is the case with most things Apple, last week’s iOS7 launch led to polarizing reactions from the tech world at large – and whether you loved the new operating system to bits or hated its guts, you will likely find it hard to ignore all the ado. Apart from the fact that it was launched by Apple in their widely-followed annual Worldwide Developer Conference week; the key reason behind all the negative / positive hullabaloo is that this is not just any visual revamp – this is an intentional, and paradigm shift in design philosophymade by a company that is synonymous with great design and one that can rightfully be referred to as a pioneer that introduced aesthetics to the world of technology.

I do believe that Apple introduced the concept of design to everybody from the top to the bottom of the value chain in technology. Apple…

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